Friday, March 2, 2012

Sept. 20, 2011 - Sept. 23, 2011

- Tuesday, Sept. 20th - I woke up feeling odd. I don't show much emotion; I tend to snuff them out before any one can see. So, instead of being a hysterical, scared, whaling mess (like I wanted to be) I hid myself in a pile of blankets and listened to everyone figure out what had happened to me the night before. It was decided I did not have vertigo; that was the only decision made.
- Wednesday, Sept. 21st - I scheduled my doctors appointment for this day. My mom ran into town and randomly decided to stop in at her salon to tell the ladies what had happened to me. The year before one of the girls* there had a stroke that left her paralyzed and only able to blink; I'm not sure how her story goes but she had some stroke like symptoms that the doctors didn't catch and her parents wanted an MRI that the doctors refused. So, the owner of the salon told my mom to DEMAND an MRI.
*2 hours later*
As my mom and I were driving into the doctors office I got a phone call from my ER doctor. He told me he had been thinking a lot about my case and he really wanted me to get an MRI. Two people, one a doctor, who think I have suffered a this point, I was scared.
I see my doctor, tell him how the 19th went down, tell him I want an MRI, tell him I'm scared. My doctor, he's a quirky gent, does some hmm-ing and haw-ing, pokes me a little bit, listens to some stuff, peers in holes, then tells me we have to go through insurance to get an MRI scheduled and that my insurance will contact my doctor who will contact me but he thought an MRI was a good idea. GAH, MORE WAITING!
- Thursday, Sept. 22nd -
*phone rings*
Me: "Hello?"
Doctors office: "Hello, Heidi?"
Me: "Yes?"
D O: "We have your MRI scheduled for Monday (September 26th) at *some time*."
Me: "Thanks."
*hangs up phone and curses*
I tell my mom that the MRI is scheduled and that we have four days of waiting before we find out what is going on in my head. She doesn't like that.
- Friday, Sept. 23rd -
I wake up, tired, scared, angry, depressed, the usual. My mom starts my day with the usual questions, "How are you?", "How's your headache?", etc. She then calls my brother, the firefighter/EMT, and tells him about the wait before the MRI; he doesn't like that, he's pissed. He tells my mom to go into the doctors office and get it rescheduled for that afternoon. So, that is exactly what we do. Strangely enough, there's an opening for me; NO, TWO OPENINGS! WTF! I was furious that they would make me wait four days when there are openings.
We head into the imaging center. I take my nose piercing out and tell them to play Coldplay for me while I lay in the noisy tube of doom! I was all business. MRI - done!
The technician, doctor guy man, tells us to wait in the lobby; first red flag pops up. 30 minutes go by; second red flag pops up. He finally comes out and tells us he wants to get my doctor on the phone before we're told anything; fourth red flag. After explaining the situation to my doctor he comes back to us and tells my mom my doctor wants to talk to her; TOO MANY RED FLAGS ARE UP (I'm not a minor, why would he talk to her?). My mom comes back to me, as calm as she can be, tells me we have to get in the car right away and get to the ER because I need to be on blood thinners four days ago.
I don't show emotion, but I made an exception for that day, I became the hysterical blob that I had been shoving deep inside me for the last four days.

September 23rd - 25th Hospital Days

*The girl, who had worked at the salon, that suffered a stroke has improved beyond imagination; she still can't walk but she has all her other functions back. She is so inspiring!